Helpful Tips to Prevent Hearing Loss

We’ve written about conditions that affect your hearing, and the various levels of hearing loss, but this week we’re focusing on what you can do to protect your hearing, and potentially stave off loss of hearing.

Losing your hearing is a permanent condition. Unlike a broken arm or leg, or even vision loss, it can’t be corrected once lost; it can only be maintained.

It’s important to take steps towards protecting your hearing. Here are our top ten helpful tips:


  1. If you go to an event that’s going to be noisy, wear earplugs! This won’t prevent you from hearing a concert or a sporting event, but it will help to bring the level of noise down and protect your hearing.
  2. Love music? Who doesn’t! Just don’t use earbuds for prolonged periods at high levels.
  3. Do your best to limit your exposure to loud sounds without protection (think power tools, fireworks, firearms and airplanes).
  4. Get a hearing test every year! As we’ve posted before, you may have a mild hearing loss and not even be aware of it. The sooner you catch a hearing loss, the sooner you can prevent your hearing from declining further.
  5. Clubs, bars, and even some restaurants can be very loud – consider wearing earplugs or limit your exposure.
  6. If you’re exposed to noise for a long period of time, consider walking away to somewhere quiet to help your ears relax after trying to handle all that noise.
  7. Use noise-cancelling headphones.
  8. Check your medications! Believe it or not, there are approximately two HUNDRED medications that are potentially damaging your hearing (ototoxic).
  9. Keep in mind that other habits and health conditions may affect your hearing health. Smoking can increase the risk of hearing loss, as well as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and other health conditions.
  10. Don’t use cotton swabs to clean your ears. You may actually be pushing the wax further into your ear, and risking a blockage. Use an at-home ear irrigation kit, or see your ENT to have it removed.

Keeping your hearing healthy is often overlooked until it’s too late, and hearing loss can negatively impact your physical and mental well-being. Hearing loss has been linked to both dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Life has an abundance of things we love to hear; do all you can to ensure that you’re able to enjoy a lifetime of them!