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The neighborhood

...What are you missing out on? We're All Ears.

Welcome to Audiological Diagnostics, PC

The city that never sleeps also never stops making noise. We get it. From subways to traffic to construction, New York City is alive with noise.

Quite a few things can negatively impact our hearing: ototoxic medications and treatments like chemo and radiation, nerve damage, loss of hair cells; and oh yeah... exposure to noise.

But there are enjoyable sounds that the city has to offer. Music, theater, dinners with friends, days out (or in!) with family. It would be a shame to miss out on any of that.

Get your hearing tested once a year. If it turns out you have hearing loss, don't think "Grandpa's big beige earpiece". Today's hearing aids are smaller, more efficient, and have more features than your original cell phone did. We can help with that, too.

We have offices in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens. We hope that you choose us as your hearing healthcare provider in New York City: home to everyone from everywhere.